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Sumba solar power plant

Sumba solar power plant

Situated in Sumba the southernmost village in the southernmost island in the Faroe Islands, the field solar power farm is a two-year project aimed at testing the feasibility of solar power production in the the Faroe Islands.

With rough conditions and a low average number of sunlight hours, i.e. approxomately 1000 per year, solar power may not seem the obvious choice. In comparison, average number of sunlight hours in Denver is 3100 per year.

However, the country's very northern position in the hemisphere means that days are very long in the summer, which is also the period when wind power prodution and hydro power production, respectively, is low.

The hypothesis is that solar power may prove to be viable supplement to wind and hydro power, respectively, in the summer time.

The 261kW Sumba solar power plant was inaugurated in December 2019.

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