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Offshore wind power

Offshore wind power

SEV has announced plans to build an offshore wind farm off the shore near the capital Tórshavn

The wind farm will be a joint venture between Faroese energy providers and various businesses and individuals. The 96 – 120 MW offshore wind farm will replace at least five onshore wind farms that have been planned as part of the green path towards 100% sustainable electricity generation by 2030.

“An offshore wind farm would speed up the transition to sustainable electricity generation. In recent years, we have experienced delays of at least two of three planned onshore wind farms. The NIMBY phenomenon playing a part in these delays”, said Terji Nielsen R&D manager of SEV.

Next step will be to secure the necessary permits and licenses, assessing the environmental impact and performing all the necessary surveys before entering the development and engineering stage.

If all goes as planned, the first Faroese offshore wind farm is expected to be commissioned and operational by late 2025.

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