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Tidal Energy on the Horizon

Tidal Energy on the Horizon
SEV will experiment with tidal energy around the Faroe Islands. The company is planning to set up a tidal turbine on the seabed in a suitable place in Faroese waters.

The Faroe Islands is well-known for its tidal energy potential. Therefore SEV is planning a series of experiments to produce electricity from tidal energy, which at the first attempt implies a tidal turbine on the seabed in Faroese waters with a suitable tidal flow. SEV has submitted a request to the Earth and Energy Directorate and Landsverk for permisssion to use part of Vestmanna Sound for tidal trials.

International experts estimate that globally tidal energy could generate 80 GW of electricity.  The tidal energy potential of the Faroe Islands is estimated to be 1 GW.   Of this amount, it is believed that about 15-20 percent could be harnessed, equating to some 150-200 MW. By comparison, peak energy demand in the Faroes is around 45 MW. This means that, if the experiments are successful, at some time in the future the entire Faroe Islands could get their electrical power solely from tidal energy.

With regard to the stability of sustainable energy sources in general, tidal energy is by far the most stable energy source in the region, as it is always possible to make precise calculations on the relative strength of the current in locations around the Faroes.

Over the past few years, SEV has followed developments within this energy sector with great interest.

The civil engineer Magnus K. Magnussen is responsible for tidal energy within SEV and he points to the fact that interest in tidal energy is mounting steadily around the world.

The larger companies researching tidal energy are now at a point where they are able to explore viable business solutions for the production of electricity from tidal energy.  There appears to be an excellent spirit of collaboration among the companies, while at the same time the interest of investors to support further expansion is also increasing, says Magnus K. Magnussen.

Efforts are underway to forge an alliance with international companies, among them is the french company, Alstrom, which is undertaking a major project involving tidal turbines for the French electric utility, EDF.

-Tidal energy is regular and consistent throughout the year. The plans are consistent with SEV's green vision for 2030, which is to generate 100% of our power needs from renewable sources notes Jákup Suni Lauritsen, Chairman of the SEV Board of Directors.

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