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The name is 'Havfrúgvin'

The name is 'Havfrúgvin'
First of two kites in the tidal power project in Vestmannasund has been named

The Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands, Bárður á Steig Nielsen, visited Minesto and SEV’s joint tidal project’s installation site in Vestmannasund two weeks ago. Together with PM Nielsen, the Minesto team decided to name the Minesto DG100 kite in Vestmannasund ‘Havfrúgvin'.

The name ‘Havfrúgvin', which means ‘mermaid’ in Faroese, has a long-standing and rich history in the Faroe Islands, especially Vestmanna. Traditionally, the name has been used for naming boats and ships in the Faroe Islands, and the first competitive rowing boat named ‘Havfrúgvin' was built in 1928. In Vestmanna, there was a smack (traditional fishing boat) named ‘Havfrúgvin' that was the only one of the seven ships belonging to Vestmanna that survived World War II.

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