Sund Power Plant awarded international certification for maintaining a good work environment

Sund Power Plant awarded international certification for maintaining a good work environment
In 2018, the Sund Power Plant was certified to be in compliance with the brand-new ISO standard for a quality working environment. The power plant was among the first worksites in some 170 countries to be granted this certification

During the course of 2018, the SEV thermal power plant at Sund was inspected and found to be in full compliance with the new ISO standard related to the work environment, DS/ISO 45001:2018, which went into effect in 2018. Some 170 countries participate in the ISO standards system.  The Sund power plant is among the very first worksites in the world to be inspected and certified as being compliant with the ISO standard for occupational health and safety.

The Danish certification institute, FORCE Certification, conducted the inspection of the Sund power plant and subsequently awarded the certification.  FORCE Certification is the only entity in Denmark permitted to certify that companies are compliant with the DS/ISO 45001:2018 standard and the Sund Power Plant is one of only two worksites in the Danish Kingdom to receive such certification.

“The new standard helps to ensure a good working environment and our next step will be to expand the certification process to encompass all the operations of SEV,” observed Annika F. Berg, the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) department head at SEV.

SEV is familiar with such certification processes. Earlier, SEV was recognised for conforming to environmental preservation standards. In 2010, the environmental management system in place at the Sund Power Plant was found compliant with the DS/EN ISO 14001 standard.  When the Sund power plant was again certified in 2014, it received the very best recommendations.

Later, the entire environmental protection system in place at SEV was certified compliant with the ISO 14001 standard, even though only the power plants at Sund and Vágs shall conform to this standard.

“These certifications acknowledge and reflect the hard work and determination of both management and staff, and they inspire and motivate us all to continually improve, thus ensuring that SEV remains to be a good workplace,” concludes Annika F. Berg, head of HSE.

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