SEV recommends wind turbines for Suðuroy

SEV recommends wind turbines for Suðuroy
SEV has called on the Faroese Earth and Energy Directorate to issue a tender for wind power on Suðuroy. Initially, two wind turbines are recommended.

The consumption of electricity on Suðuroy has increased significantly.  As a consequence, SEV submitted a request to the Faroese Earth and Energy Directorate, recommending the government authorities prepare a tender for wind power on Suðuroy. There are several suitable areas on Suðuroy upon which to erect wind turbines, however, SEV is advocating a cautious approach, whereby initially only two, 900 kW wind turbines would be erected.

SEV will soon begin to collect wind measurement data on Suðuroy in order to determine which areas are suitable for wind turbines. Data collection is expected to last one year before a decision can be taken as to which location is most appropriate for wind turbines.

In an effort to reduce the cost of oil, which, in the main, provides most of the power to produce electricity on Suðuroy, wind energy is the quickest and most accessible energy source to tap. Wind turbines are relatively easy and quick to install, and, with two wind turbines of the same type as erected at Neshagi, it is possible to produce 7 GWh per year.  This equals 20% of Suðuroy’s combined usage in 2013. If these two wind turbines were erected on Suðuroy, SEV could save DKK  6 million annually on oil.

The annual production at the hydropower plant at Botni is around 5 GWh on average.  With the recommended expansion of wind power, the production of electricity from sustainable resources would increase to nearly 34% on Suðuroy.

At present, it is not advisable to erect more than two wind turbines, because the transmission grid on Suðuroy, which is not integrated into the Central Production Area, cannot accommodate more power than that produced by two wind turbines.

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