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Security of supply is top priority

Security of supply is top priority
SEV is constantly striving to obtain as much green energy as possible. However, it is imperative to expand the Sund thermal power plant because oil will remain a necessary source of power to ensure security of supply while SEV continues to chart the course to a green energy future

Expansion of the Sund thermal power plant is a part of ensuring total electricity supply security. The Sund power plant is designed to always ensure a steady supply of electricity to the entire Faroese community, as renewable energy resources are built out in the future as part of the 2030 green energy strategy. The oldest and largest motors at the Sund power plant have reached the end of their projected useful life and would of necessity need to be replaced.

Along with the hydro power plants, the Sund thermal power plant will continue to be the heart of the Faroese power system for many years into the future, because both hydro power and oil are stable sources of power that do not fluctuate under production, thus ensuring a steady flow of power into the grid, which helps mitigate brown-outs and power surges at the wall socket.

“Power all the time – that is the watchword of the entire electrical system. If the system falters, the whole community suffers. SEV is dedicated to providing stable electricity solutions, as we chart the course toward a green energy future,” observes Hákun Djurhuus, CEO of SEV.

He moreover noted that, according to the Electricity Production Act, SEV has the ultimate obligation of ensuring electricity supply security and quality in the Faroe Islands, and that SEV takes this responsibility very seriously. “This responsibility can never be ignored,” affirms Hákun Djurhuus.

Thus, we are not free of oil quite yet, even though SEV has charted a green energy future that embraces wind, hydro power and solar. In addition, SEV is closely following developments in tidal energy, which could become a source of green energy in just a few years, if it can be developed sufficiently to be a commercially viable alternative.

Nevertheless, Hákun Djurhuus notes that in the years ahead
the role of the Sund thermal power plant will diminish to that of an extra measure of insurance supporting the entire electrical system, as more and more renewable energy resources are integrated into production.

“For the Faroes, the Sund thermal power plant can be likened to a “reserve back-up” and the grid integration that exists among many countries on the European continent. For example, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany provide back-up power for each other. When power production goes awry in one country, it can purchase power from another so that supply security is not jeopardised.

“In the Faroe Islands, the Sund thermal power plant will be our reserve back-up for many years into the future, because we are not linked into a larger electrical grid system, such as that found on the European continent,” observes Hákun.

The new, expanded Sund thermal power plant will meet all modern-day design standards. The motors are of excellent quality, and, as the demand for electricity increases, can match the needed power requirements immediately. The new thermal power plant is scheduled to begin operations in 2019.

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