Power supply to Tórshavn strengthened

Power supply to Tórshavn strengthened
The new coupling station at Húsahagi and the extensive underground grid linked to the wind farm will greatly improve the power supply to Tórshavn Municipality.

An extensive system of underground electric cables is being laid out to complement the newly-erected wind turbines at Húsahagi and the new coupling station. This initiative will not only strengthen, but also help to secure the power supply to Tórshavn.

The new coupling station will receive power generated by the wind turbines and transfer it to the 60 kV grid. This grid is SEV’s extensive, high-tension network that transmits large amounts of power throughout the Faroe Islands, consistent with demand.

In association with this project, new cables will be connected to Sund, Tórshavn and Havnardal, thereby securing a better alternative to the present transmission routes to Tórshavn. This particular cable project is a part of a much larger initiative of SEV to bury its power cables underground to protect them from extreme weather. This ongoing project was launched after the infamous 1988 Christmas hurricane.

A 60 kV cable linkage will also be laid between Húsahagi and the Sund power plant, where a new coupling station will be built. Subsequently, the current aerial lines between Húsahagi and Sund will be dismantled.

In addition, a 60 kV underground cable will link Húsahagi with the Havnardal coupling station and will continue onward to the Varðagøta coupling station in Tórshavn. Here as well, the current aerial lines will be dismantled.

A 20 kV cable will be laid from the Húsahagi wind farm to Havnardal. This underground cable will become the new power supply to Sandoy. Two 20 kV cables from Húsahagi to Norðadal and Syðradal will also be laid.

To supply the outlying areas of Tórshavn with power, five 10 kV cables from Húsahagi will be laid. These cables will eventually supply power to future housing developments on the outskirts of Tórshavn.

The 10 kV and 20 kV grids transmit power from the 60 kV grid to the 400 V grid, which ultimately supplies the power to meet the daily demand of private households, busniesses and factories.

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