One step closer to solar power in Sumba

One step closer to solar power in Sumba
An abandoned football field in the small Faroese village Sumba will serve as a test site for solar power in the Faroe Islands.

SEV has been granted one of several permissions necessary to establish a solar power plant on the southernmost of the 18 Faroese islands.

With its long and dark winters and an average of 1000 sun hours per year, the Faroe Islands might seem an unlikely spot for a solar power test project. However, Terji Nielsen, Head of Research and Development at SEV is optimistic: “We believe that diffuse light solar panels and the long days and short nights in the summer half of the year might prove to be a good combination as well as an asset in the energy mix in the Faroe Islands.

Precipitation and wind speed in the Faroe Islands are low in the summer but are complemented with many hours of daylight.

SEV awaits further permissions and expects project start up to be later this year, and the solar power plant is expected to generate 160 MWh per year. The execution of the project is in close cooperation with the municipality of Sumba.

The test project is a part of our 100by2030 vision, i.e. electricity production to be 100% sustainable by 2030.

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