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Neshaga - A Recreational Pearl

Neshaga - A Recreational Pearl
The area around the windfarm in Neshaga has become a popular recreational retreat, where visitors can explore distinctive nature and enjoy themselves among the green-coloured windmills.

The Neshaga windfarm has rekindled interest in exploring the unique countryside surrounding the windfarm.   Every day, many curious visitors can be seen on the paths among the windmills, taking a restful moment away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives.

At the same time as five new ENERCON windmills were being erected and brought into service in Neshaga during the second half of 2012, SEV took steps to enhance the surrounding area to make it more attractive to visitors.  Subsequently, the area has become a true recreational gem where local and foreign visitors alike come to enjoy the beautiful vistas. Faroese tour operators often arrange for bus tours out to Neshaga, where visitors can take in the beautiful surrounding countryside, as well as explore the impressive windfarm.  Blending naturally into the landscape, the green-coloured windmills send a clear message that this is where green energy is truly generated.

Benches and tables have been set up along the paths and a special wind shelter, resembling the cross section of a windmill, has been built on top of the foundation of an old Vestas windmill. The wind shelter, designed by the architect Eyðun Eliasen, offers not only distinctive shelter from the wind, but also allows the sun to shine in all day long.

The windfarm in Neshaga has become an interesting and attractive ”green area”, where the windmills turn every day as part of the sustainable green pledge of SEV to reduce oil consumption as much as possible over the coming years.

The Neshaga windmills withstood a major test during the severe Sunday night storm of Christmas 2013.   The windmills held firm during the storm, which, according to the SEV anemometer at Neshaga, descended upon the Faroes with maximum wind speeds of 80 m/s (288 km/h).

Certainly the windfarm at Neshaga can be considered a monumental success, not only as a major source of green energy, but also as a relaxing place to wander and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of the Nes peninsula.

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