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Minesto Update

Minesto Update
Minesto has completed the installation of subsea and onshore infrastructure in the company’s tidal energy project in Vestmannasund, Faroe Islands. Minesto also successfully installed the first DG100 tidal energy converter, but during the initial commissioning phase a mechanical failure occurred in the powerplant’s mooring interface and denied further operations.

After the concluded installation of the subsea export cable, which connects the kite system powerplant to the onshore control station, the Vestmannasund site infrastructure is now operational and the offshore site connected to the Faroese electricity grid. The DG100 kite system has been recovered for service and re-fitting of the failed component in the mooring system.

”We have gained increased important experience of subsea installations, service towing procedures and powerplant launch and recovery operations. Of course, we would prefer to be operational rather than still being in the installation and commissioning phase, but each step towards grid connected electricity generation is significant progress”, said Dr Martin Edlund, CEO of Minesto.

“The work towards power production in the Faroes is a top priority for Minesto and powerplant operation will commence as soon as favourable tidal conditions and service lead times allows.”

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