IT Security Top Priority for All Employees

IT Security Top Priority for All Employees
IT is a most important and well-integrated part of SEV’s operational infrastructure; thus,all employees need to keep IT security foremost in their thinking each and every day

Over the last 20 years, Information Technology (IT) has become a well-integrated part of SEV’s operational infrastructure, reflected most notably in its electricity production and grid operations, but also over the last few years SEV has integrated IT into its communications with customers, especially via its wireless electric meters.

This operational reality underlines the importance of each and every employee having a demonstrable understanding of the importance of IT security, starting with closing-down their personal computer at the end of the workday, to understanding the necessity of exercising care when accessing the Internet or any social media.

“There should be no ‘breach’ in our IT system, because such a breach could quickly allow the entire system to be compromised, and this can easily happen if our employees do not appreciate the importance of IT security. Breakdowns and malfunctions within the IT system, as well as hackers, are constant threats, but equally major problems are always present if SEV employees fail to observe basic IT security,” observes Niels Hansson, IT leader of SEV.

He stresses that employees who are careless about IT security pose a major threat for any modern company, most especially SEV. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to continually remind every employee of their collective responsibility to ensure IT security.

“This perhaps sounds overly serious, but in the field of IT security it is a proven fact that no ‘weak link’ can be tolerated and if any are detected everything must be done to remedy the situation quickly and to strengthen that part of the system,” further notes Niels Hansson.

“Awareness” is an expression that IT managers use daily as an effective management tool. “Awareness” for an IT manager encompasses not only the provision of periodic IT information forums for employees, but also the regular testing of employees to measure and ensure their knowledge and understanding of IT security.

“Aside from providing information forums on IT security for all employees, it is also critical to maintain direct contact with each individual employee to measure their ongoing sensitivity to and understanding of IT security in the workplace,” observes Niels Hansson.

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