In 2014, 51% of electricity production was green

In 2014, 51% of electricity production was green
During 2014, SEV produced a record high of 51% of its electricity from hydropower and wind with a corresponding 16.5% reduction in oil consumption.

When the electricity production figures for 2014 were finally tallied, it became abundantly clear that SEV is making excellent headway on a green course with its highest production ever of green energy.

Production figures indicate that 51% of SEV’s electricity came from renewable resources – water and wind – and 49% from its oil-fired motors. For the first time since the mid-1970s, electri¬city production from renewable energy measured over one year exceeded that produced by oil.

The output from the wind turbines at Neshagi and Húsahagi is now very visible in the production data. Compared to 2013 data, the amount of electricity generated by wind grew by 58%; hydropower generation grew by 34% during 2014, compared with 2013. This increase was due to the extensions of the Eiði hydropower plant and the new water conduit tunnel from Norðskála southward towards Selatrað. Production from the thermal power plants was reduced by 16.5%.

Total electricity production in 2014 exceeded 300 GWh, the largest amount ever produced in SEV’s history. SEV produced 306 GWh in 2014, which is 4.5% more than in 2013 when total production was 292,5 GWh.

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