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Green Future on the Horizon

It has been confirmed that the internationally-known futures researcher and thought-leader Tony Seba from Stanford University in California will be the keynote speaker at the SEV-sponsored international conference “100by2030” to be held in the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands on 27 and 28 September 2016. Climate expert Jesper Theilgaard with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation will also contribute an interesting virtual presentation. Numerous international companies will send representatives to the “100by2030” conference.

SEV intends to shed a bright light on green electrical energy, innovation and new advances in the electricity energy sector, visions of the green future, and climate change at an international conference to be held at the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands on 27 and 28 September 2016. The conference, which is entitled “100by2030”, will convene shortly before SEV celebrates its 70th anniversary on 1 October 2016.

The keynote speaker will be Tony Seba, the internationally-acclaimed futures researcher and thought-leader from Stanford Univerity in California, who believes that the technical advances that will occur over the coming years will be so great that oil will not be used as fuel for land transport by 2030. In addition to being a dynamic teacher, expert advisor and noted speaker, Tony Seba is a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

Jesper Theilgaard, climate expert with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, will share a stimulating virtual presentation on climate change that will touch on climate change the world over, but will also focus especially on the Faroe Islands and other island groups.

Hydropower, wind, solar, tidal currents and energy storage will also be featured at the conference.  Several international companies will be sending their representatives to the “100by2030” conference, who will explore in turn their green energy solutions for the future.  Among those invited are ENERCON, the German producer of wind turbines, and the French manufacturer, Saft Batteries.  SEV and Orka, the Faroese energy authority, will each present, and Sirið Stenberg, the Faroese Minister of Energy, will open the conference, which will also be spiced and enlivened with video presentations and music.

“SEV is pleased to foster a greater understanding and awareness of green energy in a way that is both easily accessible and highly stimulating and interesting. It is critical over the next 15 years to embrace an appreciation for and openness to new ways of thinking and the technical advances of the future, if the goal of 100% land-based green energy in the Faroe Islands by 2030 shall be achieved”, observes Terji Nielsen, Head of Development for SEV.

“100by2030”, as noted above, will be held on 27 and 28 September 2016.  On the last day of the conference, participants will have the opportunity to visit the wind farm at Húsahaga to learn more about the battery system and the new technology that is in place.  The conference will end with a public reception in honour of the 70th anniversary of SEV on 1 October 2016.

One may register for the conference at the English website,  The conference will be conducted in English and the conference fee is 1,000 DKK.

The agenda for “100by2030” is provided below.

Green Days
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