Entire Country Equipped with Wireless Meters

Entire Country Equipped with Wireless Meters
During 2016, SEV completed the installation of wireless electric meters throughout the country, a process that began ten years ago. Customers today are now billed based upon actual usage.

In 2006, SEV began the process of replacing the existing electric meters with wireless meters.  It took some ten years to complete the process, and in 2016 SEV could announce that, in the main, all customers were connected to the wireless meter-reading system.

Only a very few of the 25,000 electric meters throughout the country are not connected to the wireless system. SEV personnel either have not yet replaced the old meters, or the placement of certain old meters makes it difficult to connect them to the wireless system.

The wireless meters are designed to be replaced after 15 years. This is the reason SEV decided to install the devices over a span of ten years so that they could be replaced gradually and not all at the same time.  Thus, in five-year’s time, SEV will commence the replacement of the initial wireless meters that were installed ten years ago. Moreover, instituting a ten-year installation plan enabled SEV to benefit from the ongoing technological advances occurring in wireless electric meter industry.

Aside from reducing the everyday work-load of SEV, the wireless meters are a boon to SEV’s customers.  Customers will neither pay too much nor too little over the course of the year.  Thus, they will avoid receiving an extra bill or waiting to have their money refunded once their final usage for the year is calculated.

Large consumers of electricity will also be able to ascertain rather quickly what their electricity is used for and to set into motion energy saving initiatives where possible.

The old system with equal monthly payments was based on an estimate of projected annual usage.  Now, each monthly bill is based on actual usage.  Thus, in most instances, a customer will pay less for light and heat in those months when consumption is naturally lower, and somewhat more during the cold and dark period of the year, when electricity consumption often rises.

Via the SEV webpage, customers can enter their respective user name and password, which is printed on their individual bill, and easily monitor their own electricity usage.  SEV has also developed an App for this purpose, which is especially useful for its business customers.

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