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COVID-19 - SEV locks the doors

COVID-19 - SEV locks the doors
​From 12 March and for the foreseeable future, our doors will be locked and no visits are allowed

This precaution is one of several measures that have been taken in order to protect our employees from the contracting the Corona virus in order for them to be able to maintain and secure electricity supply.

Employees have been asked to work from home if possible, and in those cases where this is not a possibility, changes have been made in the staff’s workschedules and division of labour.

All travel activity and courses have been cancelled and meetings should be virtual.

“As the national electricity company, we carry out services are the backbone of nearly all activity in the Faroese society. It is not a task that we take lightly and therefore, we have decided not only to follow the government’s instructions on precautions but to implement even stronger action”, said Hákun Djurhuus, Managing Director of SEV.

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