Battery system at Húsahagi awarded 1st price at international conference

Battery system at Húsahagi awarded 1st price at international conference
The battery station in Húsahagi was recognised as the best initiative from among the 27 projects reviewed at an international sustainable energy conference held in Cologne, Germany

The battery station at the Húsahagi wind farm, which is designed to supply a steady flow of power from the wind turbines into the national electricity grid, was selected as the best project from among 27 projects reviewed at a major international sustainable energy conference held during June 2017 in Cologne, Germany.  The award-winning, first-prize battery station is the result of a collaboration among SEV; SAFT, the French battery manufacturer, and the German wind turbine producer, ENERCON.

Because the battery station is such an innovation and has the potential to be used around the world, it has attracted considerable attention from multiple sources beyond the Faroe Islands.  The battery station was, for example, referenced in the Nordic Council’s report on energy cooperation in the Nordic countries, which was also published in June 2017.

Mr. Terji Nielsen, Head of Development at SEV noted, “We are very proud of this prize and the great interest in the battery station expressed by the international energy sector. It encourages SEV to continue exploring new technology, as we press onward toward our goal of 100% green power production in the Faroe Islands by 2030”.
Mr. Michael Lippert from SAFT Batteries presented the battery station at the conference on behalf of SEV, SAFT and ENERCON.

When it was revealed that the Faroese battery station had received first prize, Mr. Lippert sent a quick greeting to SEV, stating: “The congratulations flowed in abundance, because we were able to demonstrate a concrete example of a battery system in full operation in an electrical power system”.

In the picture above: Michael Lippert of SAFT Batteries, pictured centre, presented on behalf of SEV, SAFT, and ENERCON at the sustainable energy conference in Cologne.

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