A New High in Solar Power Production

A New High in Solar Power Production

The solar power production in June 2023 broke the record for highest production with reaching 35.8 MWh, since the implementation if the solar power farm in Sumba. Comparatively, the production figure for June 2022 was 27 MWh, signifying that this year's production has increased by nearly 8.9 MWh.

Data from previous years show that solar power production thrives primarily in May, June, and July. However, in 2023, the production surpassed May’s output during the month of April.

Why do we use solar power in the Faroe Islands?

We have a goal of achieving 100% green energy by 2030. To make that goal a reality, we need to find the right mix of renewable energy sources. Wind and hydropower take a bit of a backseat in the summer due to less rain and wind. That's where solar power comes in handy. Since we get a lot of sunshine during the summer months in the Faroe Islands, it makes sense to use solar power to generate electricity, especially when the days are sunny.

Green Days
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