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60+ retirement group formed at SEV

60+ retirement group formed at SEV
SEV employees aged 60 and older have established an internal interest group. Formation of the 60+ interest group is part of SEV’s ongoing focus on its employees who are approaching retirement age.

“We need to draw attention to and focus on the years before retirement, and that time when we actually do leave SEV and start collecting our pensions.  It is easier to do this in a group with others, rather than to sit alone facing such questions and concerns,” observes Ingeborg Godtfred, secretary to the management at SEV.

Ingeborg Godtfred, along with Kristiana Rein, Tummas Løkjá and Jákup Sørensen, were elected to a board to oversee the activities of the seniors’ interest group at SEV. Three women and twenty-five men belong to the interest group, whose purpose is to assist SEV employees aged 60 and older during their last years on the job, and when they retire at the age of 67. Retirees are always welcome at the various social events hosted by SEV, often with their partners.

“Our perspective here at SEV is that we have the obligation as an employer to provide our employees a good start when they first come to work at SEV, and, while they continue to work at SEV, to ensure their job satisfaction and well-being remains high. At the very least, we should strive to make their departure from the workforce a pleasant and meaningful experience as well,” notes Bergtóra Høgnadóttir, Human Resources Manager at SEV.

She adds that there is a need to organize and manage the pre-retirement age group better and the founding of the 60+ interest group is an important aspect of this ongoing endeavour. Both Ingeborg and Bergtóra are pleased that management has so whole-heartedly supported this initiative.

Last summer, the first step was taken in supporting the transition into retirement when SEV arranged a day-long seminar for their senior workers along with their partners, where such topics as social issues, finances, as well as psychological and physical health, were on the agenda.

It is envisioned that the group will routinely take note of conditions at SEV that are especially relevant for employees who are 60 years of age and older. In addition, the 60+ interest group will arrange computer courses, excursions and other fun and enjoyable social events.

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