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39% renewables in first half 2020

39% renewables in first half 2020
Demand on electricity continues to grow, albeit not as fast as in previous years

Faroese demand on electricity reached 196.5 GWh first half this year, which is an 5.4% increase compared to the same period last year. This is also an all time high for a six-month period.

61 percent of generated electricity was made up by fossil fuels, whereas 39 percent came from renewable sources, i.e. hydro, wind and solar power, respectively. The bulk of it came from hydro power 26 percent and wind power 12 percent, whereas 0.04 percent of total generation came from solar power.

Wind power generation saw a decline in first half of 2020, partly caused by a failure on three of our windmills.

Hydro power generation increased by 13.8 percent from 46 GWh first half 2019 to 52 GWh in first half this year. Precipitation increased from 67.7 mm in 2019 to 71.3 mm in 2020.

Solar power generation of 0.04 percent of total generation may not seem to be a lot in the big picture. However, this is the first six-month period of the two-year solar power test project, inaugurated in December 2019, and thus far the result has been promising. In June, the solar power plant generated electricity enough to sustain approximately 77 households, and on the best day in June, generation reached 1.97 MWh.

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