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Charging points in the Faroe Islands

Public charging stations for electric vehicles are accessible in Tórshavn and on all the main islands.

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Cost of charging your car

The charging prices vary according to time of day and charging speed.



AC charger1.95 DKK/kWh0.10 DKK/min8 am - 10 pm
AC charger1.95 DKK/kWh0.02 DKK/min10 pm - 8 am
DC charger1.95 DKK/kWh1.00 DKK/minAll hours

How to pay for charging

In order to be able to pay for charging your ev, you need to create a user account on the platform (available in English and Faroese) and transfer money into your account.

The user account on is your access to the charging station.

The platform also enables you to monitor your charging session and gives you an overview of past sessions.

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