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Nearly Half of Faroese Electricity Generation Sustainable in First Quarter of 2020    
7. apríl 2020 | While January saw an all-time record on sustainable power generation with 63% renewables, February and March did not do as well, mostly due to high wi
COVID-19 - SEV locks the doors    
12. mars 2020 | This precaution is one of several measures that have been taken in order to protect our employees from the contracting the Corona virus in order for t
Green January    
6. februar 2020 | “It has been a good start to the year” says Heri Mortensen, director of power generation of SEV. “Renewable energy generation was 63 per cent on avera
First field solar PV plant in the Faroes inaugurated    
3. desember 2019 | The first field solar PV plant in the Faroe Islands has been inaugurated. It is located on an abandoned football field in the village of Sumba, the so
September rains secure sustainable energy    
17. oktober 2019 | The total of renewable energy production in September accounted for 50.1 per cent of the energy mix. Up from 46.2 per cent in September 2018.  
SEV wins wind tender    
2. oktober 2019 | The wind farm will consist of 6 E82 ENERCON turbines, 3 MW each.   SEV won the tender with a bid of DKK 0.239 per megawatt hour, whereas the com
Tidal energy project    
22. august 2019 | The collaboration agreement entails two installations of Minesto's DG100 model, and is the first phase of a long-term ambition to add further tidal en
39 percent renewables in first half of 2019    
19. juli 2019 | While 1st half of 2018 saw a 48 percent share of renewable electricy production, this years’ hydro power and wind power production reached a mere 39 p
One step closer to solar power in Sumba    
25. juni 2019 | SEV has been granted one of several permissions necessary to establish a solar power plant on the southernmost of the 18 Faroese islands.   With
51 percent sustainable energy generation in the first quarter    
20. mai 2019 | Of total electricity production in the first quarter of 2019, 51 percent were harvested from sustainable energy sources. First quarter saw a 12.5 decr
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