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Vestmannasund project update    
31. oktober 2020 | “We are currently stepping through our commissioning plan which concludes with continuous power production to the Faroese grid. So far, we have verifi
Commissioning started at Porkeri Wind Farm    
22. oktober 2020 | The turbines are type E44 from German manufacturer Enercon. Each turbine has a capacity of 900 kW. They are installed in the outfield of the village P
The Faroes’ first offshore wind farm    
17. september 2020 | The wind farm will be a joint venture between Faroese energy providers and various businesses and individuals. The 96 – 120 MW offshore wind farm will
Update on tidal wave project    
3. september 2020 | Dr Martin Edlund, CEO of Minesto said that there has been important progress and results from the installation and commission activities that ha
Porkeri Wind Farm taking shape    
10. august 2020 | In the outfield above the village Porkeri on the southernmost island in the Faroe Islands, a new SEV wind farm is taking shape. It will be the first n
COVID-19 - SEV locks the doors again    
6. august 2020 | All SEV employees are being tested and have been asked to work from home if possible. In those cases where working from home is not an option, isolati
Minesto Update    
2. august 2020 | After the concluded installation of the subsea export cable, which connects the kite system powerplant to the onshore control station, the Vestmannasu
39 percent renewables in first half 2020    
13. juli 2020 |   Faroese demand on electricity reached 196.5 GWh first half this year, which is an 5.4% increase compared to the same period last year. This is al
The name is 'Havfrúgvin'    
7. juli 2020 | The Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands, Bárður á Steig Nielsen, visited Minesto and SEV’s joint tidal project’s installation site in Vestmannasund tw
Minesto to complete Vestmannasund installation during upcoming tidal windows    
4. juli 2020 |   The subsea cable installation that connects to the electric grid was not completed as planned due to a technical issue occurring during cable lay

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