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One step closer to solar power in Sumba    
25. juni 2019 | SEV has been granted one of several permissions necessary to establish a solar power plant on the southernmost of the 18 Faroese islands.   With
51 percent sustainable energy generation in the first quarter    
20. mai 2019 | Of total electricity production in the first quarter of 2019, 51 percent were harvested from sustainable energy sources. First quarter saw a 12.5 decr
Annual Accounts 2018    
24. apríl 2019 | The final result for 2018 was DKK 47.3 million before taxes and DKK 38.1 million after taxes or a decline compared to budget of DKK 41.5 million after
IT Security Top Priority for All Employees    
26. februar 2019 | Over the last 20 years, Information Technology (IT) has become a well-integrated part of SEV’s operational infrastructure, reflected most notably in i
Sund Power Plant awarded international certification for maintaining a good work environment    
19. februar 2019 | During the course of 2018, the SEV thermal power plant at Sund was inspected and found to be in full compliance with the new ISO standard related to t
Room for both public and private enterprise in the Faroese electrical system    
12. februar 2019 | Both SEV and private electricity production companies could play an important role in the Faroese electrical system of the future.  This, in short, is
The Fossá hydropower plant has produced electricity for 65 years    
11. februar 2019 | At a gala celebration on the 5th of May 1954, attended by representatives from the Faroese Parliament and Government and the Danish Parliament, the Fo
Green electrical power production almost 49% in 2018    
8. februar 2019 | A total of 48.8% of the total electrical production in 2018 was green electrical power; the remaining 51.2% came from the thermal power plants. Hydrop
Sustainable energy share at an all time high in October    
21. november 2018 | Heavy rainfall and strong winds marked the October weather in the Faroe Islands, which resulted in an average of 67.8 per cent all time high share of
SEV signs agreement with Swedish marine energy developer Minesto    
12. november 2018 | The agreement also includes a power purchase agreement through which SEV commits to purchase the electricity generated by Minesto’s tidal energy conve

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