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Sustainable energy share at an all time high in October    
21. november 2018 | Heavy rainfall and strong winds marked the October weather in the Faroe Islands, which resulted in an average of 67.8 per cent all time high share of
SEV signs agreement with Swedish marine energy developer Minesto    
12. november 2018 | The agreement also includes a power purchase agreement through which SEV commits to purchase the electricity generated by Minesto’s tidal energy conve
New PhD Research Project on Renewable Energy in Isolated Electricity Systems    
7. november 2018 | ‘Ensuring Grid Stability and Supply Reliability in a 100% Renewable Electricity Sector in the Faroe Islands’ is the title of a 3-year PhD research pro
New Report Recommends Solar Power and Wind Power    
28. august 2018 | The report was handed over to Mrs Sirið Stenberg, the Faroese Minister of Energy, and is a solid foundation on which to base further steps towards 100
Wind and Solar the Highest Priorities for Green Strategy    
26. apríl 2018 | The green energy strategy focuses on development of sustainable power sources, battery storage, stability of the power grid, cost constraints and supp
Customers as power producers    
23. apríl 2018 | In the future, customers can both produce power for their own consumption, and sell excess power into the power grid of SEV. In that way, a customer b
Security of supply is top priority    
20. mars 2018 | Expansion of the Sund thermal power plant is a part of ensuring total electricity supply security. The Sund power plant is designed to always ensure a
Expansion of Sund power plant according to plan    
15. mars 2018 | At the Sund power plant, the new extension, Station 3, is starting to take shape and a trial run is scheduled for Autumn 2019. SEV is anticipated to o
51 per cent green energy in 2017    
15. januar 2018 | 51 per cent of SEV’s production was generated from hydro- and wind-power in 2017, the thermal power plants produced the remaining 49 per cent. This co
510 students attend classes at Húsahagi    
22. september 2017 | For many years now, SEV has been a part of the curriculum for ninth-grade students in the Faroe Islands. Students participate in a day-long field cour

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