The Battery System installed

SEVs battery system in Husahaga is now running. The system arrived in the Faroe Islands in March, and since its assembly, has been tested in the Faroese conditions.

SEVs battery system passed the Site Acceptance Test in late April and in early May the system was officially delivered to SEV.


After the series of tests and trials, SEV is very pleased with how the system operates.


 - This is very exciting. To be able to see in reality, what we have been working on for the last 2-3 years. The Battery System delivers a smooth and even energy output from Húsahagi wind park, which is exactly what we wanted it to, says Terji Nielsen, head of development at SEV.


The Battery System is the final piece of the wind park in Húsahagi, but for SEV it has the potential to be the one piece that can have the largest impact upon SEVs vision for 100% Green Energy on land, by 2030.


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