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The Hydro Electric Power Plant in Strond

The hydro electric power plant in Strond was the second plant to produce electricity out of water in the Faroe Islands.
The plant started operating in 1931. It was backed by the municipality of Klaksvík.
A diesel powered plant was added to the plant. A 0.6 MW turbine with an unfixable difficulty was replaced by a 1.4 MW petrol turbine.
The turbine produces energy from a water storage in Sandadali, which holds 40,000 m³.
The water runs through a 30 centimetres concrete instalment, which is filled with rocks on the inside and earth on the outside. From here the water reaches a tunnel and runs through pipes to the plant.
The waste area is 3.7 km².
In 2002 pipes were laid to run from Svartadali to the water storage in Strandadali.
The increased water availability has resulted in a yearly 1000 MWh increase in production.
There is a 1 km² increase in the waste area.
Unit Turbine Generator Year Effect Height of fall Water capacity
Average production
meters ³/second with 1/1 weight MWh/year
1 Francis/Sulzer Leroy Sommer 1998 1,4 223 0,74
The Hydro Electric Power Plant in Strond.              Engine room.