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The Eiði plant is situated between the villages of Eiði and Ljósáir. It sits beside the seaside of Brimnes.

Close by the plant a tunnel has been created that goes into the mountain. A 100 meters pipe runs from the tunnel to the plant. The tunnel leads to the lake Eiðisvatn, which holds some 17,000,000 m³ of water.
Two walls made out of rocks and then sealed with asphalt have been built beside Eiðisvatn.
To the west, across the river Breiðá, the wall is 22 meters high, and to the south, the other wall is 13 meters high. 
The walls have increased the water levels in Eiðisvatn from 129.5 meters above sea level to 149.5 meters above sea level – resulting in Eiðisvatn containing an additional 16,000,000 m².
In order to get as much water as possible into Eiðisvatn two tunnels have, for the time being, been built through the mountains. The one going north to Dal is 4 kilometres long and gathers water from 8 rivers. The other tunnel runs 6.5 kilometres south to Norðskála, it drains water from 31 rivers. 
The second step in constructions at the Eiði plant was officially taken into function on November, 4, 2000. This leads water to Eiðisvatn from the river Skarðá, north of Funning, and the river Vesturdalsá.
In connection with these constructions a 14.4 kilometer tunnel has been built, taking water from 48 rivers.
This latest construction is expected to increase the production at the Eiði plant by some 18 GWt/year.

The waste area is altogether 42.6 km².


Height of fall
Water capacity
Average production
Make   MW meters m³/second with 1/1 weight MWh/year
1 Francis/Voith Nebb 1987 6,7 149 5 17506
2 Francis/voith Nebb 1987 6,7 149 5 21468
The Eiði Plant.                   The Eiði Plant.                     Engine room.