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The Heyga Plant

The Heyga plant is situated on Válinum, next to where the river Breiðá meets the sea.
A pipeline runs 305 meters up the mountainside and into the mountain where it connects to a 1000 meters long tunnel. The tunnel runs to Heygadal valley where there is a well holding some 2,100,000 m³ of water.
The well, called Heljareyga, is surrounded by a 23 meters tall concrete panel.
Tunnels and channels have been constructed south to Gassadals in order to increase the flow of water to the Heljareyga-storage.
The Heljareyga waste area is 19.1 km².

Generator Year Effect Height of fall Water capacity Average production
  Make Make   MW meters m³/second with 1/1 weight MWh/year
1  Francis/Voith  Titan  1963  4,8  107  6  12412
              The Heyga Plant.                                 Generator.