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Thermal Power

Energy for engines in thermal power plants generally comes from sources created in the earth, such as peat, coal, oil and gas. Together with oxygen, O2, the burning of these fuels creates heat.


The burning process typically takes place in a boiler room, a gas turbine, a petrol engine, or in a gas or diesel powered engine. All of SEV’s thermal plants use diesel-powered engines.


Diesel engines normally run on heavy fuel, diesel oil or a mixture of these two.


There are two main categories of diesel engines: 2-take motors and 4-take motors. SEV has two 2-take motors, M4 and M5 in Sund. The rest are 4-take motors.


The number of rotations in different motors varies a lot. For instance the rotation number of M4 and M5 in Sund is 150 o/min., while the smallest motor in Koltri runs 3000 o/min.


The resulting percentage in a diesel engine plant, without using equipment such as boilers and steam turbines as aids, is about 38-40 %.


A modern diesel-powered engine uses some 180-190 g of oil to produce 1 kWh.