SEV Service Desk

The 20 kV Power Supply System

SEV’s 20 kV power supply system is situated within the oldest areas of SEV’s electricity work. This dates from the days before SEV produced electricity for the whole country. In order to better the supply SEV has undertaken ongoing work in the past years, in correspondence with other digging work in progress in the area. Lines are being replaced by cables in order to avoid rough weather conditions.
SEV has been trying to have a supply system that runs in a circle. This makes it faster to make a switch when there are some technical difficulties in one place. The time without electricity is shorter. Customers get electricity back as fast as possible.
Most of the country is interconnected via SEV’s air-voltage connections and cables through the sea.
In Suðuroy the 20 kV supply system goes between the production plants in Vági, Botni and Tvøroyri. Neighbouring island Sandoy is connected to the main area via a 20 kV sea cable.
In the transformer substations the voltage is changed from 20 kV to 0.4 kV, which goes to households and companies.
SEV has 196 20/0.4 kV transformer substations, 225 kilometres of 20 kV lines, 219 kilometres of 20 kV cables, and 25.3 kilometres of 20 kV sea cables.