SEV Service Desk

The 60 kV Power Supply System

The highest voltage SEV has is 60 kV. The reason for changing voltage is that there needs to be connection between the voltage (Volt) and power (Amper). The higher the voltage is the lower the power is, and vice versa. When electric power is transferred from, for example, the Sund plant to Tórshavn, the voltage is increased from 10 kV to 60 kV. This makes the value of power six times lower, which results in the possibility of moving more power and therefore saving on less spillage to the power supply system – the loss of power happens because of resistance in the power supply system. When the power has been transferred from the Sund plant to Tórshavn the voltage is altered again, from 60 kV to 10 kV,
SEV has seven 60/10 kV and 60/20 kV switch stations. They are in Klaksvík, Skálabotni, Eiði, Vestmanna, the Sund plant and in two different locations in Tórshavn – Varðagøtu and Havnardali.
The 60 kV supply system junctions are connected to each other via 90 kilometres of 60 kV lines and 6 kilometres of cable.
The 60 kV supply system is currently being extended with a direct cable between Skálabotn and the Sund plant. The extension work is expected to be finished in 2007. The direct cable will provide SEV with more options for switch stations, as well as lighten the work burden on the large steel masts situated on the mountains.