SEV Service Desk

The Power Supply System

The power supply system consists of the entire electricity system – from the big engines and the water turbines at the plants, lines, cables, transformers, and all the way to the customers' kitchen switches.
The saying ‘weak net' has been used a lot about the Faroese power supply system, but this is a misunderstanding. It is more correct to call the power supply system fragile when referring to electricity in the supply system or net itself.
SEV's electric poles and lines are probably among the strongest in the world as they have been built to withstand Faroese weather conditions.  
The electric capacity on the power supply system is determined by electricity consumption. It is not for SEV alone to decide the capacity as it is the consumers who create a demand, by using the electricity.
The lowest capacity in the main region is during the night when the level is 15-18 MW. The highest capacity is at noon, 35-40 MW. During the night some three engines produce electricity for the power supply system, while 8-10 engines are used at noon.
The constant motion in the production engines has to provide an invariable 50 Hz frequency in the power supply system. There are other regulation systems at work that make sure the frequency is constant. The power supply system is most fragile at night, especially during weekends and holidays when the capacity is at its lowest.